Client feedbacks

Ruslan, Republic of Tatarstan, Arsk city, Sovetskaya square, 21, 2nd floor, «MebelIch»
Hello. We have received everything. Thank you. We like the quality and colors. We will work.
6 March 2018
Ramil, Ufa city, Mendeleev 21 street, shopping center "Arkaim", 3rd floor
Hello! I want to leave a feedback about the products of your factory. I am pleased with our fruitful cooperation. First, because they are of a high quality of fulfilment, namely a high-density mattress, it does not have a shrinkage effect, fabric is not gathering on it. Second, it is a metal frame of high ruggedness, reliable mechanisms of transformation. Third, a large assortment of furniture. And the last thing that is very important for me is the timely execution of orders. With respect and gratitude from Gulya.
11 December 2017
Ramil, Republic of Tatarstan, Zelenodolsk city, Komsomolskaya 10 Street, trading house "DOM mebeli", ground floor.
I would like to say kind words of gratitude to the specialists of “Prestizh Mebel” for the high quality of the products made, professionalism and diligence to clients! Due to the professionalism of the managers Tatyana and Olya, all issues were resolved promptly. The design and quality of the produced furniture are excellent. Thanks for the great work!
8 December 2017
Nina, Moscow Region, Odintsovo city, Pervoye Uspenskoe Highway bld. 1, trade center "Odeks"
Hello! We are happy with your furniture, it is of a very high-quality. We never feel ashamed while offering. Manager Tatyana is an understanding, responsible person.
8 December 2017
Aleksandr, Domodedovo city, Kashirskoye highway, bld. 17A, trade center "Dom", shop "Stylniye divani"
It is very pleasant to work with “Prestizh-mebel” furniture company, which produces high-quality products and never fails to perform its obligations in term. I wish you prosperity and great sale rates. With respect to you! General director of the company "Stylniye divani". Alexander Novikov
12 October 2017
Yuliya, Novokuybyshevsk city, Pobedy street bld. 1 zh, section 402, 4th floor
I would like to leave here a written feedback about the “Prestizh-mebel” furniture factory) And most of all for Eugeniy! Respect and kudos to him! You were able to organize well-coordinated work of all the departments of your company and this is a huge plus for you!) By virtue of your organizational ability, it is easy, nice and convenient to work with you! Credit for manager Tatiana and thank you a lot!) Her responsibility to work simply goes off scale!) The responsiveness and understanding with which she solves the issues, helps in the work very much, so the work goes on, brings pleasure and the benefit.) The quality of the furniture is excellent, which is very pleasing, the sewing pleases greatly, it immediately shows that professionals are working! There is absolutely no criticism to the work! It is very pleasant to work with you) We hope for a long-lasting mutually beneficial cooperation) We wish you success and further development! Thank you!)
6 October 2017
Svetlana, Tambov city, Internet-shop "Avgust-M"
My name is Terekhova Svetlana. I am an individual entrepreneur, I sell furniture, including seating furniture. I work with several manufacturers, but I'd like to mention separately the furniture factory "Prestizh-mebel", Ulyanovsk city. I made an order for a corner sofa "Delta" model. I was very pleased! The production terms have been fulfilled. The manufacturer has organized a timely, not expensive delivery to my city Tambov. Also, samples of fabric were delivered in a large quantity, booklets, albums, catalogs and all these were for free! And I want to note the diligence, work efficiency of the company's managers. I was very pleased with cooperation. We will continue to work with pleasure.
4 October 2017
Lubov, Vladimir region, Sudogda city, K. Marx Street, bld. 50, Trade center "Triumph"
Our shopping center buys seating furniture from the Ulyanovsk factory “Prestizh Mebel”. Me, as the head of the shopping center, am very pleased that I have concluded a supply contract with this factory. Furniture is of a very good quality, clients like it. They happily buy it and are very satisfied. The furniture of the “Prestizh Mebel” Furniture factory has no competitors in our shopping center with the seating furniture of other factories with which I am working. Keep it up!!!
21 September 2017
Larisa, Saratovsk region. Pugachev city, shop "Shatura", L-Tolstoy street bld. 120
We are working with the furniture factory "Prestizh mebel” for the first year. Competent and friendly staff, convenient payment system. No complaints, only positive impressions, we will continue cooperation!
20 September 2017
Vyacheslav, Chapaevsk city, Zaporozhskaya street, bld 14A, shopping center "Zvezda"
I would like to mention the work with the furniture factory "Prestizh Mebel". I am very satisfied with the quality and production range. All the sofas are made very well, orders are processed promptly. Especially we want to thank a manager Tatiana! Thank you! We will work with you without hesitation.
16 September 2017
Irina, Kemerovo region, Novokuznetsk city, highway Oktyabrsky bld. 62a
Beautiful, but hard. It's nice that the seam has a straight line, the case is laminated.
16 September 2017
“Evromontazhstroytorg”, Krasnoarmeyskaya street 70 bld D., Sengiley city, Ulyanovsk region.
The client is satisfied, packaging is perfect, thank you.
29 августа 2017 года.
Leila, "Mebelniy Bazar", Narimanova Street bld. 40, Kazan city, Republic of Tatarstan
Really liked the kitchenette. I hope there will be orders for it.
17 July 2017
Dmitriy, Internet shop «DIVANDIVANOV.RU», Kaluga region, Borovsky region, Ermolino city
Hello, everything is very good, thank you very much, forgot to write to you, got so much work to do, client is happy, everything is super, continue to work.
19 June 2017
Rustem. Shop "Arslan", Bolshevitskaya street bld. 36 B / 2, Kushnarenkovsky district, Kushnarenkovo village, Republic of Bashkortostan
The furniture is super, lots of thanks!!!! We are very satisfied. We will cooperate with you. The store was opened. All the best to you, thank you!
22 March 2017
Natalya, Shop “Imperiya mebeli”, Krasnaya street 64, Veliky Ustyug city
Hello, the truck came yesterday. Some of the sofas have been located in store. They are beautiful.
20 March 2017
Maxim, Trade center "Kvazar", street Estay 81, Republic of Kazakhstan, Pavlodar city
Good afternoon. Today furniture has arrived. We want to thank you especially for the way the furniture was packed and loaded. Everything has arrived safe and sound.
24 January 2017
Aleksey, trade center "Vertical", Moscovskiy highway 49, Arkhangelsk city
Good afternoon! your sofas have arrived to us at the exhibition – we are very satisfied with the quality! We really hope for long-term cooperation.
21 January 2017
Sergey, Shop “Komfort”, street Lenina bld.185, Amurskaya region, Blagoveshchensk city
Good afternoon! We received the furniture, thank you. According to commodity experts, the furniture has arrived to us well, people liked it. We were sent photos from the salons. It is exposed and looks beautiful.
5 January 2017
Nikolay, Center "Format", Olympic Avenue 29, building 1, Mytischi city
Good afternoon! Your furniture corresponds to your prices, + prompt communication with the manager. I am looking forward for further cooperation.
19 December 2016
Oksana, shop “M-Mebel”, Lenina highway bld. 28, Tver city
Hello, the sofas have been arranged, we like it all, price-quality ratio is the best! Special thanks to manager Tatyana for the selection of fabrics.
19 December 2016
Aleksandr, “Mebel Maks”, Kukonovykh street bld. 141, Ivanovo city
Good afternoon! We want to thank you for your cooperation! Excellent furniture in affordable price. The only thing I would like to change is the delivery time))) 2-3 weeks would be fine))) And sometimes it happens that we stand without an exhibition. We wish you a Happy New Year! We wish you success and prosperity!
19 December 2016
Svetlana, Maxim Gorky 10 street, Yaroslavl Region, Rybinsk city
I'm happy with the sofas, in general, and with the way you work. Sofas are good, especially model 216 is very nice one. It attracts everybody like a magnet. The metal frame of all the sofas impresses everyone. I am very pleased, in general. All feedbacks, written here about you, are true. I really hope for further cooperation with you.
16 December 2016
Roman, trade center “Mebel Rossii”, Schelkovskoe highway, bld. 3, Moscow city
In regard to cooperation with the furniture factory “Prestizh Mebel”, I can only say kind words and express my gratitude. Managers are polite, they call back to clarify all orders. Always help, clarify, tell, explain. Many thanks for the professional approach in work and patience :) The quality of the furniture is high. A large selection of “euro book” models with armrests and a pillow forms to satisfy everyone’s demands. All clients were satisfied. We hope for further productive cooperation. I want to wish the factory of growth, expansion of assortment for the opportunity to offer clients of all possible models from your factory.
30 November 2016
Diana, Furniture salon "M-RIA", Oboronnaya street, bld. 29, Tula city
Good afternoon! Dear colleagues, we are very pleased to work with your products, the quality of the sofas is excellent, the deadlines for executing orders are fast, the managers react quickly, answer honestly and promptly for all questions. Our wishes: to expand the range of fabrics, and of course to fix prices, it has been the third increase in prices for our short-term cooperation with you. We hope for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation!
16 November 2016
Irina, shop "Komfort", Samara region, village Koshki
The quality of furniture is decent. Managers are literate, attentive. It's nice to work. I wish you further development.
16 November 2016
Anastasiya, trade center "Galereya", Vokzalnaya 30 street, Shilovo city, Ryazan Region
Good day factory "Prestizh mebel". I would like to write a feedback for you. We are very glad to cooperate with Your factory. Your furniture is always of top quality! Very competent and understanding managers, who will resolve all situations that seemed complicated, will help to make an order correctly. In a short period of time, the range has been expanded, many great-looking models of sofas have appeared, which are popular among clients. The catalog has also been renewed, it became much brighter and more colorful, the sofas in the catalog are presented in optimally matched fabrics, often clients say, looking at the catalog: "I need a sofa exactly like this one in the catalogue!" A recommendable factory, with qualitative furniture, within an acceptable time. We wish you prosperity and success!!! It is a pleasure to us to see your new items!!!
14 October 2016
"Torgovaya kompaniya", trade center "Chas Pik", Bolhovskaya 96 street, Bezhitsky district, Bryansk city
The Sofas were placed at shops, we like the colors and models, there are no critisism.
13 October 2016
Nadezhda, trade center "Niti 2", Yablochkov street bld. 6B, Ryazan city
We cooperate with furniture factory "Prestizh mebel" from January 2013 up to present time. furniture factory "Prestizh mebel" is a young and successful company that has achieved a certain status in the production of upholstered furniture, and it is aimed at the quality and comfort of the products. The range of sofa models is being constantly updated. The sofas are comfortable, stylish, affordable, they are popular among the clients. I would like to note the work of the staff: active, sympathetic, tactful, benevolent. Furniture factory "Prestizh mebel" timely fulfills their obligations in full, according to the signed contract. We recommend them as a reliable partner.
17 August 2016
"Deshevaya mebel Povolzhya", Samara region, Samara city, Pobedy street 126
We have been working with the factory "Prestizh mebel" since March 2016. We are very satisfied with the quality and design of upholstered furniture. We are pleased with a huge and interesting range. Especially, I would like to mention the work of the conscientious manager Tatiana. During all the time there was one complaint for a sofa, but the disadvantages were eliminated irrevocably and quickly! Huge thanks for it! We all recommend the factory "Prestizh mebel" as a reliable partner!
17 August 2016
Aleksandr, Furniture Salon "Galereia Mebeli " ARMADA, Lenina street, bld 44 A, Gubakha city
Hello, Olga Yuryevna! The furniture have come, everything is OK! Sofa is all super! Colors are class!! Thank you very much!!!
18 August 2016
Irina, trade complex "Tekstil Profi", Lenina street, bld. 47, village Oktyabrsky, Moscow region
We are working with furniture factory "Prestizh mebel "for the third year. We like the product range and quality of furniture, orders are fulfilled in time, the managers are friendly and we are satisfied with cooperation.
19 August 2016
Nikolay, "Mebelniy Magazin", Gagarin Street, 1st line, bld. 7, Zlatoust city
Thank you so much! We really liked the sofa! Quality is simply excellent! It's a pleasure to work with you!!!
21 August 2016
Elena, trade center "Kosmos-city" 3rd floor "MebelMoll", Prospect-Stroitelei Street, bld. 45a, Penza city
Our cooperation is quite young. I can note quite a respectable efficiency in work, benevolence in attitude. We wish you a great productivity, growing of your sales.
17 August 2016
Yuriy, trade center "Talisman", Uritskogo Street 25, Tula region, Bogorodits city
Hello! We received the order, everything is fine. Thank you for the FABRICS. We hope that with such a great assortment, you will get more orders!
Yours Sincerely, Furniture Salon "Fortuna".
5 July 2016
Tatiana. Upholstered furniture store "BRIZ", Kalinina Street, bld.8A, Saratov region, Krasnoarmeysky district, village Zolotoe.
We have been working with factory since 2014. All the sofas are always of excellent quality, they are made exactly in time, staff will always help to find the truck for delivery. Managers are very smart and friendly. We would like to see in the range a corner sofa model such as "Longoria Corner", where the pillows would be located all the way through the back line of the sofa. Thank you for your cooperation!
6 May 2016
Anna, trade center "Favorit mebel", Kommunalniy kvartal street, bld. 25, 2nd floor, Leningradskiy region, Tikhvin city
Hello! We received the goods, we are excited! THANK YOU!!! We hope for long-term cooperation. Please, send us the prices for the fabrics that you have already sent to us. There are only prices for the items “Atro”, and there are no prices for items “Adilet” and “Furor”.
29 February 2016
Denis, Furniture-center Ozertzog, highway Menkovsky Trakt 43, Minsk city, Republic of Belarus
Shop “MebelMan”, Volyntsa street 12, Molodechno city, the Republic of Belarus. Good morning! We unloaded the truck lately last night. Several models have already been assembled for one salon. Everything arrived well, the models that were assembled - is it ok. Can you please tell me please, which fabrics are mostly used for sofas, I need to know, so that I could guide the warehouse? Thank you for all you do! If there will be questions, I would write or call you.
23 December 2015
Ekaterina, Salon "HomeMebel", Trade Center "Evrokomfort", Yoshkar-Ola city
We have monitored several factories of upholstered furniture in Ulyanovsk city. In the end, we have chosen "Prestizh Mebel" and since that day we are more and more convinced that we have made the right choice. Cooperation with this factory meets the selection criteria fully, starting from the price-quality ratio, ending with the work of managers. Special thanks to manager Olga)). It's nice to work with professionals! Especially I want to note a serious approach to the packaging and delivery of furniture. We hope that our cooperation will be long and mutually beneficial!
23 December 2015
Tatiana, salon "Noviy interiyer", shopping center "Nikitinsky", village Obsharovka, Samara region.
Hello, I express my gratitude on behalf of our clients and on my own behalf, for the quality production of sofas, for a conscientious approach to packaging. I hope for long-term cooperation with the same approach to quality.
23 December 2015
Lyudmila, salon "Lyudmila" shopping center "Krasnopolyansky", city Volgograd
Dear colleagues, many thanks for cooperation. Excellent quality, very attentive managers. Especially, I want to mention Diana!! Client’s wish is her command. Any desired fabrics will be selected for you. There are no delays in deliveries. Amazing attitude to loading, just 5+ points. Yours faithfully, Drannikova Lyudmila Fedorovna.
16 November 2015
Dmitriy, Trade center Topol, city Ivanovo
We have received the sofas. All of them are great. We feel that there are not enough fabrics.
13 November 2015
Alsu, furniture salon "Khan", trade center "Imperiya mebeli", Ulyanovsk city
Good evening. We have received the sofas. We are pleasantly surprised. Good quality.
13 November 2015
Tatyana, Saransk city
I often order sofas in this company and was very pleased, and the models of sofas and fabrics were selected without a visit to the office, I just described what I want to get, and manager Olga offered options, basing on my requirements and even helped me to find a truck for the delivery of the sofa in another region. They make furniture quickly, the quality is really from a factory, everything is done very thorough. Thanks to all the staff of the factory for their work! I recommend to order furniture only in "Prestizh Mebel".
15 September 2015
Roman, Cherepovets city
We have been working with "Prestizh Mebel" from Ulyanovsk city since march 2015. We got a very good impression about this company during the work, furniture is of high-quality and affordable price, professional staff, emerging issues are resolved quickly and with loyalty to clients. We hope for long-term cooperation.
26 August 2015
Albert, Ulyanovsk city
Hello! I am working with the factory for about 2 years, they fulfill orders in time, like agreed. quality-to-price ratio is excellent. Good work of managers, they report about all changes in the price. Guys, I wish you success in your business!!!
21 August 2015
Elena, Syzran city
We are the “Fortuna” company, we cooperate with the "Prestizh Mebel" furniture factory from the day our store has been opened. We are very satisfied with the work of managers, who inform us about all the changes in the factory in time and are very conscientious about their work. The deadlines for fulfilling orders are also encouraging, the factory always tries to meet our needs, if clients ask to shorten the terms of order execution. The products are always of high-quality. It is very pleasant to work with your factory, we hope for further cooperation!
19 August 2015
Igor, Arkhangelsk region, Plesetsk city
I would like to express my deep gratitude for your factory and for Timakova Olga Yuryevna in particular for a clear, well-coordinated work and attentive, I would even say, caring attitude to the requests of potential partners. Despite the fact that we have only recently started working with you, there is absolutely positive impression on both the products and the methods of your work. Clear, debugged, as the mechanism of the Swiss watch, the process from the First Bell and up to loading on truck the products directly at the client’s door, control at all the stages! It's a pleasure to work with you! We wish you that EVERYTHING would ALWAYS be good for you!
25 April 2015
Igor, Voronezh city
We started working with the factory "Prestizh Mebel" quite recently, but we received only positive impressions during this time. Despite the fact that the models are presented mainly in economy class, they are of high quality with reliable mechanisms, we are very happy about the production time of about 2 weeks and the absence of delay. I also want to note an individual approach to their partners, they make concessions in the price policy. Highly recommended!
16 April 2015
Aleksey, Bugulma city
With the furniture factory "Prestizh Mebel" we have been cooperating for a very long time. Orders are executed in time, orders are accepted by the manager promptly and responsibly. The range of products is diverse for every buyer. Furniture is of high quality, no complaints and critics from clients was ever heard. Make us happy with new models and discounts further!
20 April 2015
Konstantin, Moscow region, Kubinka city
The company "Larenta" thanks the factory "Prestizh Mebel" in Ulyanovsk for its production, the price-quality ratio, delivery and service of a high level! We express our sincere gratitude for honest attitude and mutual understanding, for good working contacts between our companies. We wish you success at production, economic and financial well-being, strengthening of mutual relations for the benefit of our enterprises. We will be glad to develop our cooperation and mutual understanding.
Yours Sincerely, “Larenta” Furniture Salonbr /> 21 April 2015
Suleyman, Nizhnevartovsk city
We have been working with the factory "Prestizh Mebel" for several months. Work with them is a pleasure. They work promptly. Furniture is of high-quality. The range of products is huge and interesting. Prices are among the cheapest in Ulyanovsk. The price includes all expenses for manufacturing, packaging and loading. Manager Olga is always ready to help with the order. She consults at any time, she is keeps in touch.
22 April 2015
Stanislav, Vladimir city
We have been working with the factory "Prestizh Mebel" for more than six months. We have no complaints about the quality of the goods. The factory works qualitatively and always manages to fulfill the order according to schedule. And they have everything set up with the delivery, which is also very pleasing. Special thanks to the manager, Olya! She answers and helps with every emerging question! We are very satisfied while working with this factory! We wish you to continue your prosperity and are looking forward for a long-lasting cooperation!!!!
21 April 2015
Aleksandr, Toliatti city
I am working with the furniture factory "Prestizh Mebel" for a very long time. There are no complaints about the quality. They get production system up and running. Also, I want to draw attention to the fact that managers always inform about new models, give free catalogs of their products and other handouts.
25 May 2014
Sergey, Uralsk city, Kazakhstan.
I am working with the factory "Prestizh Mebel" for almost a year and I'm happy. Furniture is of very high quality, a great variety of products and reasonable prices please us. And I also I like the attitude of managers, nowadays it could not be met often. I also want to note the quality of the packaging of the goods, such a trifle, but you understand that if attention is paid to this, then there is no need to worry for the quality of the sofa. We wish the company further success and prosperity.
12 February 2014
Rezeda, Kazan city
I liked working with the factory "Prestizh Mebel", we liked the quality of the delivered furniture within the agreed time. I will definitely offer this furniture to my relatives.
15 July 2014
Vladimir, Syzran city
For more than a year we have been cooperating with furniture company "Prestizh Mebel". We are very satisfied with the manager's work – they are competent, quick and efficient. Our clients speak very well about the quality, design and convenience of upholstered furniture. A large range of products and choice of fabrics. The ratio of affordable price and good quality.
8 August 2014
Dmitriy, Bugulma city

We have been working with the factory of upholstered furniture "Prestizh" since the spring of 2012. You have proved yourself as a reliable and conscientious partner during all the time of working with your factory. All the issues, arising in the process of work on the order, you are trying to solve quickly and without delay. Orders are fulfilled on time, the quality of furniture is at a decent level, there are no complaints from clients regarding the quality of the products. The factory differs from others because it constantly strives to expand its product range, there are new products that find their buyer. I would like to separately note the work of our manager Timakova Olga. She is a conscientious and efficient person. Informs us timely about all changes in the price policy, renewals in the range of products, about the absence or removal of fabrics from the production, which helps to correct the work with the order. We wish you prosperity, expansion and hope for further fruitful cooperation!
8 August 2014

Svetlana, Syzran city
We have been working with the company for more than a year. All orders are fulfilled on time, the wishes of the client are taken into account. Good and high-quality furniture. Reliable and proven company.
8 August 2014
Vadim, Baymak city
Any cooperation is a movement of partners towards each other. During the time of work with the factory, we felt the attention to all our needs in full, whatever it takes: they inform on the range of products, promptly inform about the news, will not leave a single request without attention. Undoubtedly, there are several advantages in cooperation with the "Prestizh" factory. These are large products range, the shortest delivery time, the optimal price-quality ratio. Thank you.
8 August 2014
Natalya, Alatyr city
Good day to all of you! We are having an IP status with the husband, we are working with the factory "Prestizh" from January 2014. We would like to note a benevolent, attentive attitude to clients, fast and high-quality fulfillment of orders. Good luck and prosperity to you guys!
11 August 2014
Galina, Samara city
Factory "Prestizh Mebel" - one of the best manufacturers! Beautiful design, comfortable furniture! Clients are especially happy with the quality! Well done! The manufacturer does not save on materials but does everything for the convenience and reliability of upholstered furniture. Our clients in Samara and the region thank the manufacturer for the quality and design!
30 July 2014
Venera, Kazan city
Hello! I am working with the factory for 6-7 years, I want to note the most important thing that orders are made on time, as we agreed. Value for money is excellent. During this time there were 1 or 2 (I do not remember exactly) sofas with the complaint - they brought it, eliminated the problem in 2-3 days, without any problems and without putting it off to the "far corner". (after all, this is free for guarantee). Guys, I wish you success and prosperity in your business.
1 June 2014
Elvira, Zlatous city
Hello! I am working with “Prestizh Mebel” less than a year. The most important thing I want to note is that factory managers organize the delivery of sofas through a transport company at very low prices (there are some companies to compare). This is certainly a big plus. Girls managers correctly and without problems calculate cubature and weight of sofas, unlike many factories, where it is necessary to calculate by yourself. Also, it's good to see that every sofa is covered with casing when loading on truck, and boys load directly at the factory. All this is already included in the price of the sofa, we do not have to do anything at all, just relax and watch the process))))). Thank you for your work. Good luck!!!
22 December 2014
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