Are you looking for reliable suppliers of quality and inexpensive seating furniture?
"Prestizh-mebel" factory offers you mutually beneficial cooperation!

We have achieved a high quality
of work with dealers in various regions of Russia and the “near abroad” during 10 years of successful work.

The factory takes a place of honor
among furniture manufacturers, inexpensive and high-quality sofas and armchairs have won trust among our consumers.

We support regional partners
and develop a dealer network. Our dealers are always satisfied with the work with us!

We take into account the features
of each region and the position of the dealer in the market of seating furniture!
Why do people work with us?
High quality of our products is provided by modern equipment and ten-year experience of our employees. The widest choice of finishing fabrics will allow you to offer your clients a suitable model and coloring. For the production of sofas and armchairs, we use only high-quality materials and components. Constantly updating a range of production, we aspire to offer you sofas and armchairs which will be highly sold!
Advantages of working with us
  • Any price classes. Looking for an economy option? Or do you prefer VIP furniture? Cooperating with us, you will get any options.
  • Professional consultation on the color range, welting and other important points from our specialists.
  • Bright, stylish and selling promotional catalogs with products you get as a gift.
  • We provide an exhibition sample so that your clients can be personally convinced - you are selling really prestigious, exquisite and comfortable furniture.
  • We regularly participate in All-Russian exhibitions. Therefore, you can be sure - we offer furniture that is known in many cities of our country.
  • Fast delivery with guarantee of safety of the order. We are ready to supply our products to any regions with the help of the best transport company.
  • Pay attention! The price of sofas and armchairs includes the cost of packing ALREADY, loading and covering with foam casing.
  • Our wholesale clients receive 2 bonuses at once: a discount on the exhibition sample and a separate discount for the order, so that the cooperation would be really pleasant and profitable for you.
Want to learn more about cooperation and working with us?
The factory of seating furniture "Prestizh-mebel" - will become the guarantee of your successes in business!

Answers to popular questions

Question: How the payment is made?
Answer: 50% advance payment (order confirmation), 50% at a day before shipment (if on the transaction account) or on the day of shipment (if cash payment). Methods of payment: Cash payment, bank transfer, Sberbank card.
Question: What is price segment of furniture?
Answer: economy and economy plus
Question: Do you deliver?
Answer: We arrange delivery to all directions. The shipping prices will be the lowest in comparison with our competitors. The cost of delivery is not included into the price of furniture.
Question: Are there regional wholesale warehouses or representative offices?
Answer: there are no own warehouses. Only regional wholesale clients (retail stores).
Question: How great might be a minimum wholesale order?
Answer: We can produce and ship one sofa, but only for trading companies.
Question: What is the production time (the time from the moment of submitting order to the factory up to the moment of shipment)?
Answer: 7 calendar days
Question: What are the frameworks used in sofas?
Answer: we use metal frameworks and plywood timber
Question: Which box spring do you use?
Answer: we have models with the spring box and with the foamed polyurethane.
Question: Which types of transformation (folding) mechanisms do you use?
Answer: Dolphin, Euro-book, Canape, Click-clack, Tick-tack, Triple transformation machanisms.
Question: Can you provide names of the suppliers of fabrics?
Answer: All suppliers of Ulyanovsk are presented in the list: Soyuz-M, Arben, Viptextil, Aegida, Lasertach, Amethyst, Bonlayf, Adilet
Question: Do you provide samples of fabrics?
Answer: We will prepare and send along with the sofas, if you ask in advance.
Question: What are price categories of fabrics, which you are using?
Answer: All price categories, except for genuine leather.
Question: Do you work with genuine leather?
Answer: No
Question: What is the packaging of seating furniture? What protects decors, bars, lower corners during transportation?
Answer: The price of a sofa includes packing in a film and covering for a truck with foam casing. We can consider your requirements for packaging. Loading in the truck is free of charge.
Question: Are there sofas, where the armrests (and etc.) cannot be not disconnected during transportation?
Answer: No. All our sofas are with dismountable armrests.
Question: Are there any exhibition samples of furniture on the territory of the factory?
Answer: there are no exhibition samples, but almost all the models are presented in the warehouse.


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