About the factory "Prestizh-mebel"

Ulyanovsk Furniture Factory "Prestizh-mebel" is a factory for the production of seating furniture with a 10-year experience of successful work, which is confirmed by the numerous acknowledgements of clients who have given credence to us for many years.

Is it possible to imagine a life without furniture? Soft sofas and armchairs have become an indispensable attribute of almost every interior, whether it is an office, a cozy bedroom, a living room or even a kitchen. Therefore, the quality of products here is a fundamental factor in choosing a manufacturer. The products of the "Prestizh-mebel" furniture factory are made only of first-class and environmentally friendly materials, using modern technologies and many years of professional’s experience. Here you will find corner and full-length sofas, soft armchairs, canapes, miniature sofas for a children's room or spacious seating areas for a living room with popular transformation (folding) mechanisms (Dolphin, Tick-tack, 216, Triple (TT) and others). The choice of finishing materials and fabrics from a wide range, allows clients to show individuality and create a unique interior style of their home. The factory carefully takes into account also financial possibilities of consumers, offering variants of prestigious seating furniture for any budget.

Ulyanovsk Furniture Factory "Prestizh-mebel" periodically updates its range, trying to match the modern rhythm of life, constantly creating new masterpieces. When developing a new model, factory specialists are trying to take into account a thousand seemingly unnoticeable trifles. But it is from these things develops the convenience, comfort and excellent appearance of the future furniture.

One more advantage of the factory is the professional level of service. Consultation of professionals in their field, help in choosing a particular model, the choice of color and material can significantly save the time of our clients. Orders are executed as soon as possible, justifying all client’s expectations.

Sofas and armchairs from the factory "Prestizh-mebel" do not lose their properties during usage, maintaining an impeccable appearance and technical characteristics for many years.
The warranty period for our products is 18 months!

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