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Seating furniture from the manufacturer "Prestizh-mebel"

Ulyanovsk furniture factory "Prestizh-mebel" - it is the production of sofas and sofas wholesale from Ulyanovsk throughout Russia and the CIS countries. Manufacture of seating furniture from the company "Prestizh-mebel" was founded in 2004 by Negin Vasiliy Nikolaevich, and during this time the furniture factory has gained a reputation of a reliable, honest, decent and efficient partner.

Nowadays our seating furniture can be bought in many cities of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. All furniture has quality certificates of the Russian (Rostest) and the international (EAC) standards. We give a guarantee of 18 months to our products, 5 years for foamed polyurethane because we are confident in the quality of our furniture. Our production unit employs specialists with professional education and large experience, as well as using some of the best brands of professional equipment manufacturers, modern production technologies, all this gives us a great advantage in our work.

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Over the last two years, "Prestizh-mebel" has been active in expanding the geography of sales of its sofas and armchairs. The factory has many advantages, but I would like to highlight a few extremely important details:

  • In the production unit there are professionals who have been working since the foundation of the factory (there is no "staff turnover" among the employees, additional workplaces are being created, and specialists of the highest level are invited to join us);
  • Tight production time - 14 calendar days.
  • We use high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, which is confirmed not only by quality certificates, but also by our Quality control department (the guarantee for furniture is 18 months from the date of sale from your furniture showroom);
  • Managers are always polite and are ready to answer all your questions professionally, help with the choice of fabrics for exhibition sofas, the website lists the Director’s e-mail and you can always contact him directly;
  • We arrange logistics, calculate the cubature of the sofas (we work with the transport company for a long time, which delivers the products to your address, and for us there are good discounts for delivery. For example, the delivery from Ulyanovsk to Moscow (the distance is about 1000 km), the most eagerly sought "long vehicle" Gazelle car, with a volume of 18-20 cubes, a capacity of 15 full-length "Tick-tacks" or 11 "Euro-corners" - the cost of transportation will be approximately 11,000 rubles, if we divide 11000 by 15, then the cost of transportation per unit of production turns out to be only 733 rubles.
  • The cost of production includes packaging, loading on truck and covering with foam casing, so that all furniture would reached its buyer in full integrity and safety.

ФThe factory of seating furniture "Prestizh-mebel" is first of all qualitative sofas and armchairs! We try to follow the trends of the "furniture" fashion, and constantly update the range of our products.

Ulyanovsk Seating Furniture from the manufacturer.
We invite dealers for cooperation from the regions of Europe and the CIS countries!

Dear partners!

We are inviting regional representatives, wholesalers, exhibition salons of Russia, the CIS countries and Russia's "near abroad" countries for mutually beneficial cooperation on excellent terms. We will always be happy to make your clients happier and your business more successful! You can always write me an email, I will answer all your questions with pleasure.

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With respect to you and your business! Yours Sincerely, General Director Negin D. V.

Our advantages


We took care of the health and well-being of our clients

Sofas and armchairs are made ONLY of environmentally friendly and tested materials. There are more than 5 transformation mechanisms, including the popular "tick-tack" and "dolphin" at your disposal.

A wide range of popular finishing wear-resistant materials, which are convenient to care after and pleasingly soft to touch, surprises even the most demanding clients.


Thoughtful design and good functional design.

All the sofas and armchairs from the "Prestizh-mebel" factory are incredibly comfortable and soft. Our furniture is that very rest that people need after a hard day.

By the way, our specialists constantly follow fashion trends, so with us you will always be a few steps ahead of competitors, because you will have the most stylish, reliable and affordable furniture.


Quality, which is based on facts

We give a guarantee for 18 months, because we are confident in the quality of furniture that we make.

We have checked - the life of any sofa or chair is 8 years. Can other suppliers boast about such good results?

There are certificates that confirm all our promises and guarantees


Speed of order fulfillment and delivery joys you and your clients

Whereas other factories are trying to speed up the process of work and in parallel reduce quality, our specialists are already working with the best equipment and use only proven materials.

Therefore, the production term for an order of up to 15 items is 2-7 days. If you are making a larger order, you will receive it in 7-14 days.

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